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Spirax says ‘Write it down, it will happen’

30 January 2018

Spirax has launched its first TVC under the brand campaign tagline ‘Write it down, it will happen’.

“The campaign concept lends itself to the action of writing things down to ensure they come to fruition. Whether it’s a shopping list, a five-year goal or a lifelong dream if you write it down, it will happen,” Adam Coey, ACCO Brands senior brand manager, told OPN.

Spirax, working in partnership with Channel 10, aired two TVC’s during the T20 Big Bash League event in January.

“The T20 Big Bash League appeals to a broad audience, mainly families, which is the perfect fit for the brand during Back to School period,” Coey said. 

The campaign tagline ‘Write it down, it will happen’ incorporates catchy one liners to the front of the iconic yellow houndstooth note book. The one liners chosen are suited to the back-to-school period by referencing typical student scenarios such as ‘My this time I’ll pay more attention book’. The campaign see’s Spirax develop a brand personality which is “cheeky, relatable and memorable”.

“Spirax has big plans for 2018 and sets out to continue the momentum built from the TVC campaign – stay tuned.” Coey said.