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PRODUCT PROFILE: Weatherdon Nero Rola kettle

7 January 2019

Black is the new white when it comes to kitchen appliances.

Weatherdon’s Nero glossy-black Rola kettle is 1.7 litres of style, ideal for an increasing number of ultra-smart office environments.

“Our range of black, electrical kitchen appliances is ever expanding.  We now stock five styles of black kettle, as well as two kinds of fridges and toasters and a microwave too. It’s a change from the old days of: any colour as long as it’s white, which used to be the only colour choice there was,” Weatherdon managing director Robert Weatherdon, said.

“As more workplace-kitchen environments are on show, it becomes important to have appliances that are not only robust but look good too,’ he added.  

Weatherdon’s appliances are designed for the professional market, so there’s numerous design features that cater specifically to the workplace.  The rotating cordless-base and concealed elements are safety features and the water-level indicator ensures refill time is obvious to everyone. 

The removable mesh-filter comes into its own, especially when it can easily be lifted out and rinsed off to extend the life of the product.