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Officeworks plugs battery into first solar-powered store

21 June 2023
Sunshine Coast outlet keeps emissions to a minimum.
As part of its transition to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2025, Officeworks has switched on its first solar and battery-operated store in Warana, Queensland. 
The Warana store on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast will be retailer’s first store that will be powered by 100 kW of solar PV and a 100 kWh lithium battery, implemented in partnership with CleanCo, a Queensland government-owned renewable energy company. 
The 1,722 sqm store has been working towards operating off 100 per cent renewable energy for two years and has previously implemented sustainability measures including LED light fixtures, a Building Energy Management system (BEMS), thermal roof coating and double insulation in the roof. 
Officeworks’ energy and carbon manager, Patrick Heagney said: “When fully charged, the solar and battery will have enough energy to power approximately 70 per cent of the store, or 35 to 40 residential homes each day.