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About Office Brands

31 January 2018

Australia’s largest independent business supplies dealer group with over 170 locations, delivering big business capabilities to our Members via the strength of network, with the power of independence.

Office Brands supports independent business supplies members to be competitive with big buying power, international product procurement, differentiated marketing resources, flexible IT solutions and operational support services.
Office Brands has the infrastructure and programs to assist the growth of our Member’s business and profitability, allowing our Members to retain their independence whilst being part of a successful and reputable national organisation. With an extensive range and competitive pricing, Office Brands ensures significant savings are passed on to our Members, and in-turn, our Member’s customers.
Office Brands allows you to be in business for yourself, not by yourself.
To discover more about Office Brands:
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History of Office Brands

The story of Office Brands begins in 1999 with the merger of three dealer groups, Office Force, Office Network and A.P.T to create Office National Limited. By combining their strengths in office products, business machines and technology, they were able to provide customers with a complete office products and business technology solution. Together they were also able to combine their purchasing power and improve the cost of producing catalogues and managing data.

In 2003, in conjunction with Office Products Depot New Zealand, the Office Products Depot brand was introduced to Australia, followed in 2009 by the group’s launch of O-Net: a service model designed for the smaller independent dealer to provide an entry level to the group in order to develop fully branded members for the future.
With 2 brands and an unbranded model, Office National Limited changed its trading name to Office Brands in 2009, retaining Office National as a dealer brand.
Next, in 2015, Office Power Australia’s 36 members joined Office Brands to maximise opportunities for this growing group and take Office Brands to a total membership of 192.
Office Brands is now the largest independent business supplies dealer group in Australia with almost 200 locations, delivering our dealers the strength of network with the power of independence.
The Original Brands
Office Force – Office Product Specialists
Office Force consisted of 37 business office product resellers who had built their marketing platform around a catalogue programme. Office Force had been trading for approximately 6 years prior to the merge.
Office Network – Business Machine Specialists
Office Network consisted of 63 B2B, business equipment dealers selling predominately copiers around Australia. These outlets specialised in outbound sales and service.
A.P.T. – Information Technology & Computers
A.P.T consisted of 28 business equipment dealers who specialised in computers and networks along the eastern seaboard and Tasmania.  A.P.T was listed as the 2nd largest computer retailer behind Harvey Norman in Sydney.