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  • Top left clockwise: Plus Corp binder clip, Wemo wearable memo band, Moldec paperclip and Himekuri sticky note calendar.

Quirky entries stand out at Tokyo stationery awards

11 July 2018

The ISOT 2018 International Stationery and Office Products Fair was held in Tokyo from July 4 -6.

A highlight of the fair is the annual stationery awards and among this year’s winners were the following:
Airy Light Touch Binder Clip AIRKARU by Plus Corp
By using the principle of leverage, you can open this clip easily with 50 per cent less power compared to existing clips. Looks simple but it’s innovative and easier to use.
Wemo- Erasable wearable memo by Cosmotec Co.
A silicone wristband-type memo pad, which you can write and erase many times. You can use standard pens as well as oil-based ballpoint pens. Very useful for front-line workers at medical facilities, disaster/emergency situations, construction sites. Also useful for patients with ADHD.
CLIP by Moldec Co.
A new type of paper clip made by a small, professional Japanese factory. Different from the existing paper clips as these clips never make fold lines on the papers when you flip pages.
Himekuri calendar
A fun and stylish 365-day sticky note calendar. The colour and design change weekly, so you can tell the date at once. Each sticky note can be used as memos too.