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Canon NZ joins ‘Max in recycling program

27 November 2018

TechCollect gains momentum with Kiwi companies.

Canon New Zealand has announced its support of the TechCollect recycling program.
OfficeMax and Croxley Recycling are already on board with TechCollect, which operates through the Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP).
As in Australia, the programme will allow New Zealanders to recycle everything from printers to cameras as well as continuing to recycle their toner and ink cartridges.
The New Zealand initiative comes amid recent revelations that New Zealanders are among the world’s worst e-waste offenders.
According to the International Telecommunications Union, Kiwis produce an estimated 20kg per person each year.
The TechCollect pilot programme aims to divert thousands of kilograms of e-waste from landfill by providing free drop-off recycle points at OfficeMax’s 16 retail locations throughout New Zealand.
Canon New Zealand CEO Kim Conner said: “We are constantly looking at ways to improve manufacturing, create energy efficient technologies, develop bio-based plastics and support programmes like TechCollect to ensure we are minimising waste and reusing it where possible.
“Canon aims to manufacture products using bio-based plastic and 100 per cent recycled product. Everything from the plastics, aluminium, steel and toner powder are re-used or recycled” Conner said.
Croxley Recycling – New Zealand’s only Environmental Choice licensed e-waste recycler – will collect and process the e-waste from the OfficeMax stores. Croxley will ensure regulatory requirements, including the strict adherence to the collection, storage, transport and treatment of e-waste are met.